Acabob Machine Embroidery Bobbin Thread

Pre-wound sewing machine bobbins with excellent thread running properties, high strength and long running lengths

ACA Threads offers a large range of machine embroidery bobbin thread. Our Sewing machine bobbins combine excellent thread running properties, high strength and long
running lengths – giving you all benefits of pre-wound bobbin threads.

What are the benefits of pre-wound bobbins versus winding them yourself?

We recommend pre-wound sewing machine bobbins because they are wound by high-tech machines that regulate the tension, tack and yardage. This means that you get more thread on your bobbins than when you wind them yourself. So, when you're in the middle of an embroidery design, a quilting or sewing project, you won’t have to stop to change the machine embroidery bobbin thread as often. Pre-wound bobbin thread is also wound smoother and more evenly, which ensures less jams, breakages and loops – and ultimately, better sewing performance.


  • Acabob bobbins are available in natural, white and a variety of colours
  • Pre-wound bobbin thread offers optimum running length
  • Minimum downtime for bobbin changes
  • 100% Polyester bobbin thread offers high strength and colour fastness

Prefer to wind your own bobbins?

The best option is Seralon (Spun Polyester) in sizes M120 or M180. Seralon is made from staple spun polyester fibre (100% polyester), which is stronger, more elastic and more durable than the traditional cotton threads of the past. It does not shrink and is colour fast to the highest degree. These properties, together with the wide range of colour choices, make Seralon spun polyester thread the ideal choice for sewing machine bobbins.

To enquire about our range of pre-wound bobbins for sewing machines, or to find out more about Seralon polyester thread, kindly contact us today, or use the form below to submit your query.

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